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About the event

RobSE is a national student competition in Germany, which is inspired by the French RobAFIS competition. The concept is based on international standards of system engineering. The goal is to increase knowledge of system engineering methods and to develop best practices.

The students are supposed to develop a robot in a competitively way according to given specifications of a task in order to prove itself in a competition between the universities. A team, of several students, developes a solution using fixed Lego Mindstorm kits.

It is a very good opportunity to make the systems engineering experience, in addition to the lectures and to integrate into the lecture daily routine. The feedback from the previous teams and professors is also provided with a consistently positive feedback.

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Obligatory registration

Obligatory registration of teams:

If you can already name teams, please use the obligatory registration form.

If teams are already obligatory registered, they will be chosen with priority.


RobSE organization

- Prof. Dr. Claudio Zuccaro
  Munich University of Applied Sciences

email: Robse[at]gfse.de


Munich University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule München)

Lothstr. 34
D-80335 Munich


Companies as sponsors ...

COMPANIES who want to support this event or individual teams can register at president [at] gfse.de